Spyware Operation, Attacking iPhone Users

Apple’s calling card, typically is privacy. They are the best when it comes to keeping your information private. However, recently some disturbing news has surfaced surrounding privacy. Research suggests that this has been a two year operation. Experts in this have called this, ‘an alarming security failure’. All it takes is going to a tainted website and then your device will be infected. Once these hackers have access they can do anything from, checking text messages to seeing your real-time location. This is some pretty disturbing news, and luckily Apple are rectifying the situation as soon as they can. 

Over thousands of iPhone users have been reportedly infected by this incident, spanning over two years. Further information has surfaced regarding this, that is that the hackers were not even encrypting their stolen data, this suggests that they didn’t care about getting caught. Another, quite surprising fact is that this infection wasn’t designed to stick. This is due to a simple phone restart deleting the infected files.

This was a quite disturbing incident but luckily Apple is aware of what can happen and are continuing to make the privacy of iPhone users paramount. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us here. Also, a special thanks to The Guardian and SMH for also writing articles and informing people on these issues.

Razor TechComment