Facebook Password Issue

One of the world's most used social media sites, Facebook is yet again experiencing issues and with users personal login passwords. There have been numerous bugs associated with Facebook over the years, but a Plain Text Storage Bug? This is a big deal!

Two techniques typically used for 'secure' data encryption are 'hashing' and 'salting'. Hashing is a validation of information at login. Salting however takes hashing one step further by adding another layer of verification. The situation is unfortunate. Millions of passwords exposed to thousands of employees is never great. However Facebook are trying to secure information and make sure that 'plain text' don't happen again.

At Razor Tech we wish we could inform you on ways to separate yourself from this issue, but as long as you have an account, if a leak happens there isn't too much that can be done about the severity from an individual stance.

If you have an account with Facebook it is imperative that you change your password, even if only the company's employees saw the information.

A similar issue occurred with Instagram, yet another social media platform. Although the company assures users it was extremely minor and no one should be concerned, it may still be an idea to change your password for Instagram too.

If you need any assistance with a password change or any other tech related issues, please contact us!

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