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Razor Tech is a mobile computer repairs and professional services business catering to anything Information, Communication and Technology related. We also provide tutoring to home residential and small business users. Read more about us here, or review our computer and technology services here.

Our service and sales offering is extensive, from computer, desktop, laptop, notebook, MAC and appliance upgrades, maintenance and repairs to residential, SOHO and business office Local Area Network set ups, Internet and NBN. Further still we offer more, from Virus, Malware, Trojan removal (including solutions and practical advice on how to keep your device security in order) to setting up software and hardware to fit your day-to-day life or business needs, or both. Finally if you have had a technology breakdown and your data may be at risk or seemingly lost, we may be able to help, especially with our more holistic approach to data recovery.

With nearly twenty years experience in the Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) arena, as well as a strong background in Customer Service fields, we are here to help. Support and understanding of high calibre, from our technicians and our staff, is a standard here at Razor Tech.

Razor Tech in dot points:

  • Courteous customer service and intelligent problem solvers for : residential and small to medium business environments

  • Experience working with most internet types: NBN, mobile broadband, cable etc and most service providers: Telstra, Optus, DoDo, iiNet etc.

  • Strong Industry experience and knowledge, with a fast yet efficient work ethic

  • We sell new laptops, desktops, tablets, software, hardware, networking equipment, peripherals and spare parts for most makes and models

  • We deal in all major brands such as: HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, Apple, Toshiba, WD, Netgear, Seagate, Samsung, Intel, AMD, Asus, Acer, TP-Link, Dell, Alienware

  • Assistance in building client’s Internet presence for example., domains, web and email hosting and basic website design.

  • We aim to build a strong rapport and ongoing relationship with our clients

  • Knowledge of Internet security and privacy

  • We offer quality affordable services and sales

  • Technical knowledge and experience with a dedicated support team

  • Able to speak to you about technology without the technical jargon

  • Strong community awareness and support

  • Charity work and funding

Finally, technology is changing and developing, so continuously,and most of us know the frustration of needing to do a task on our PC, laptop, MAC, iPhone, etc yet being at a loss as to how. For some, even switching a device on can be daunting. That is why — for a reduced hourly rate — we offer, those in need, personalised technology training.

Better still, we do one more thing, helping make your technology work best for you, and that is, we come to you - be it your home, office or the beach !

So check out our service locations here: Sydney CBDInner SydneyInner West and Eastern Suburbs Computer Repairs, Maintenance and Services

And speak to us today, to you can be technology happy tomorrow.

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All quotations are obligation free and we do our best to accommodate a time and date that suits you.

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We deliver computer repairs, to your door, Razor Sharp. We aim to schedule a time that suits you best.

We will explain, in non-technical jargon, the problem and the solution.

We sell hardware and software at competitive rates.

Our services are backed with a 1 month repeat issue warranty.


You can be confident in knowing you're not getting geeks or nerds. But Qualified Computer Technicians. So call us today!



Yet again Judd worked his magic and solved our computer problems. He was on time, calm, knowledgeable and very patient. Will use him again, any time.
— Anna
Judd came out on a Sunday morning and managed to get my laptop going again. His service, knowledge and attention to detail were fantastic and he was very patient and helpful and was a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend RazorTech to anyone who needs any type of computer support.
— Con
Extremely helpful service of my mac laptop. Judd was both competent and professional with the work !
— Eb40
Judd was brilliant. On time, knew exactly what he was doing. Was completely honest and fixed all of our issues. Only charged and hour despite being here for a nearly 1.5 hours. Judd runs his own small business so genuinely cares about his customers. He warrants his work for ten days so if we have any problems after he leaves we can call him back.
— Geoffrey
Judd from Razor Tech’s professional abilities and swiftness in setting up my computer needs was great, very knowledgeable in his field of expertise.
— Geoff ~ Essential Motors
Fantastic service. Quick appointment, Judd arrived dead on time, did the job quickly and efficiently, great experience. Definitely recommend Razor Tech, and I will use them again.
— WaldenWood
Judd AKA Razor Tech’s expertise, experience and helpfulness with computer glitches, updates, website work (he helped me design & build it), programs & iPhone has saved me and my documents so many times thanks to Judd AKA Razor Tech’s patience, intelligence, fairness & knowledge. He’s a life saver & really knows his stuff!!! I’ve been calling on Judd Razor Tech for many years and he’s always punctual, polite, quick and goes beyond just the job at hand - he anticipates looming potential problems that might come up & fixes my system, cleans it up and leaves everything sparkling like new. He gives great advice too and his fees are very competitive. I’m a journalist and writer and my computer is my lifeblood (without Judd I’d be in trouble).
— Berwyn
Our household has had 2 separate, very good experiences with Judd and Razor Tech. He is punctual, courteous and informative. He has just managed to rescue my old Mac and all my files from the brink at a very tenuous time! Phew! His follow up service when the new hard drive hit a few snags was thoughtful and USEFUL
— Whistleinthewind

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Great service from Judd...courteous, thoughtful, diligent and honest. Sorted out my computer problem quickly with minimal cost and kept me informed during the whole process. I recommend RazorTech highly.
— AstroPro
Judd from Razor Tech is professional, personable and reliable. The job he did for me was very efficient - he completely reconfigured my network with a new internet provider, sorting out multiple email and printer connections. He reused existing network gear so it didn’t cost me anything in new gear. Also, he identified a long-standing Windows 10 problem that interfered with printing from my laptop and fixed the problem promptly. He also guarantees to sort out any subsequent problems, if it doesn’t work out perfectly. I’ve used many IT people in the past and Judd is outstanding by comparison. What’s more he is really pleasant to deal with. In short, based on my experience, I am very happy to recommend Judd at Razor Tech. I will continue to use his services as the need arises and for regular maintenance.
— Chris
Judd offered prompt, impeccable service. He is friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a Computer Technician.
— Robyn
I am more than happy to recommend Judd at Razor Tech to anyone who is looking for excellent service at a competitive price. My initial email was answered promptly and Judd arrived at the agreed time. He explained what he was doing and showed me how to maintain the efficient running of my computer. He is a friendly and professional person who was able to answer all my questions regarding the computer. Good luck, Judd. I wish you every success with your business.
— Suzanne W
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About Razor Tech

Owner and Senior Technician

My name is Judd Jury and I am the owner and senior technician, here at Razor Tech.

Whether you are in need of a resolution for a technology problem, an answer to a technology need or perhaps assistance in understanding and utilising technology, in your home or business, we can help.

Prior to my establishment of Razor Tech, I formed my knowledge and experience from a comprehensive background in corporate business, personal computing and technology. This broad development process gave me an industry-informed understanding, coupled with a personal appreciation for technology at its best, and at its worst.

Harnessing the best of technology and limiting the worst is our passion. That is why, here at Razor Tech, we pride ourselves on sharing our knowledge and expertise with you, our client.

Our focus is to make sure you are happy and confident with the services performed, be it upgrades, repairs, replacements or training. To back this up we provide a:


And we do one more thing for you and your technology - - WE COME TO YOU - - be it your home, office or the beach !  

Technology has become critical to our day to day, if not minute to minute, lives. You read and communicate, do business and operate generally from your smartphone or tablet, or your home, work or cafe WIFI. Our reliance on technology is increasing the need for us to be technology happy and confident, with limited hassle.

 Along with many technology services, repairs and sales, at Razor Tech, we can minimise the hassle of upgrading to a new PC, laptop, or mobile device. We can set up any new device and transfer your data and personalised settings from your current device to the new one. Really, what and how much we do is up to you.

At Razor Tech we do our best work for the best price. We explain what you want to know and what you need to know. Our aim is for you to clearly understand how to manage and maintain your technology, how to maximise its lifespan and minimise your time and expense to keep it working, for you.  

Technology plays an important role in our lives, and technology behaving badly can disrupt us in unexpected and undesirable ways. This is why at Razor Tech we take your needs as seriously as our own.

Finally, when technology is constantly changing and developing, most of us know the frustration of needing to do a task on our PC, laptop, MAC, iPhone, etc yet being at a loss as to how. For some, even navigating a device can be daunting. That is why, for a reduced hourly rate, we offer those in need personalised technology training.

Check out our computer repairs and technology services locations here: Sydney CBDInner SydneyInner West and Eastern Suburbs.

Speak to us today, so you can be technology happy tomorrow.



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We are not nerds or geeks. We are Qualified Computer Technicians.

p: 02 7903 0690




Our Sydney Computer Services:

Computer Repairs

Computer Networking

Computer Virus and Spyware Removal

Internet Security and Firewalls

Data Recovery and Backup

Computer Support

Fixing and Troubleshooting Computers

Computer Maintenance

Computer Help and Training

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So contact us today and be tech happy tomorrow!


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