NBN Cancels 'Netflix Tax' Idea and Introduces Additional Plans

Midway through September, NBN were looking into a ‘Netflix tax’. This tax was aimed to address the growing demand for streaming services (Netflix, Stan, Hulu, etc). However, the NBN company ultimately decided that now is not the time to implement such things. This tax didn’t even make it to far into the planning phase, as they never approached pricing, only identify that video streaming services are a significant driver of online traffic. 

Instead of this, the company has implemented now plans, geared towards consumers who use a high volume of streaming services. These new packages include; 100Mbps download speed, 20Mbps upload speed for $58 per month. 250Mbps download, 20Mbps upload for $68 per month. 1Gbps download, 50Mbps upload plan for $80 per month. These have been added to the already existing, stand alone plan of; 100Mbps download, 40Mbps upload for $66 per month. These added plans are an extraordinary leap for the company as it widens their target audience and adds more variety to their plans. 

NBN is a new, faster way to use the internet. This lacked during the early stages, but with the introduction of these new plans, the company is starting to make huge leaps and allow consumers to access these internet speeds and use the internet to the highest capacity. If there are any questions or queries please feel free to contact us here.

A special thanks to The Guardian for writing an article and supplying critical information located within.

Key Terms:

Gbps - Billions of Bits Per Second.

Mbps - Millions of Bits Per Second.

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