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Hello and welcome.

My name is Judd Jury and I am the owner and senior technician, here at Razor Tech.

Razor Tech is here to serve. Whether you need a remedy to a technology trouble, a solution to a technology need or perhaps a lesson in how to better understand and utilise technology, we are keen to help.

Razor Tech is a mobile computer repairs and professional services company catering to anything Information, Communication and Technology related. We also provide electrical work to residential and office spaces, as required.

Our service and sales offering is expansive, from computer, desktop, laptop, notebook, MAC and appliance upgrades, maintenance and repairs to residential, SOHO and business office Local Area Network set ups. Further still we offer more, from Virus, Malware, Trojan removal (including solutions and practical advice on how to keep your device security in order) to setting up software and hardware to fit your day-to-day life or business needs, or both. Finally if you have had a technology breakdown and your data may be at risk or seemingly lost, we may be able to help, especially with our more holistic approach to data recovery.

With nearly twenty years experience in the Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) arena, as well as a strong background in Customer Service fields, I established Razor Tech to broadcast a message to those in need of technical help and that is; "we are here to help with your computer problems and technology troubles, take the time to help you better understand your technology requirements and teach you if needed." Support and understanding of high calibre, from both our technicians and our operations staff, is a standard here at Razor Tech.

Razor Tech in dot points:

  • Friendly and courteous customer service in: Residential, Small Medium Business and Corporate.

  • Intelligent problem solvers.

  • Industry experience.

  • Fast and efficient.

  • Building a strong rapport with our clients.

  • Providing a quality affordable service.

  • Having the same Technician each time by their name.

  • One point of contact from start to finish.

  • Technical knowledge.

  • Technical experience.

  • Dedicated support team.

  • Able to speak on your level without the technical jargon.

  • Competitive rates.

  • Strong community awareness and support.

  • Charity work and funding.

Well before Razor Tech was established, computers and technology were highly prominent in both my professional and personal time. This mixed exposure gave me an industry informed understanding, coupled with a personal appreciation for technology at its best — and at its worst.

That is why, here at Razor Tech, we pride ourselves on knowledge sharing with you, our client. We do our best taking the time to make sure you are both happy — and confident, with the services performed, be it upgrades, repairs or training.

In every technology task we endeavour to leave you feeling both secure and smiling at your technician. We stand by this claim and offer some piece of mind, that is:


Technology today has a growing presence in our day to day, if not minute to minute, lives — likely you read this now from your smartphone or tablet, while utilising your home, work or cafe WIFI. The increasing presence of technology is increasing the need for us to be technology happy and technology confident, with limited hassle.

For example, along with many technology services, repairs and sales, at Razor Tech we can minimise the hassle of upgrading to a new PC, laptop, or mobile device — we can either set up a device fresh or transfer your data and personalised settings from your old device to your new device. Really, what and how much we do is up to you.

Technology plays an important role in our lives, and technology behaving badly can be disruptive in unexpected and undesirable ways — this is why at Razor Tech we take your needs as seriously as our own.

Here at Razor Tech we do our best work for our best price — and we explain what you want to know and what you need to know. Our aim is for you clearly understand how to manage and maintain your technology, how to maximise its lifespan and minimise your time, and expenses to keep it working for you. Our hope is to build an ongoing relationship between you, your technology and us, Razor Tech. We will work for your technology so your technology can work for you.

Finally, with technology changing and growing, so continuously, we all know the frustration of needing to do a task on our PC, laptop, MAC, iPhone, etc but being at a loss as to how. For some, even switching a device on can be daunting. That is why — for a reduced hourly rate — we offer those in need personalised technology training.

Better still, we do one more thing, helping make your technology work best for you, and that is, we come to you - be it your home, office or the beach !

So check out our service locations here: Sydney CBDInner SydneyInner West and Eastern Suburbs Computer Repairs, Maintenance and Services

So speak to us today, so you can be technology happy tomorrow.

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