How To Backup and What To Use.

Backups are a vital part of our machines, as they allow us to keep data that would have otherwise been lost in a corruption. Your hard drives are prone to becoming corrupt, this means that you may loose some or all of your files. Luckily there are many built in as well as third party options for you. The most common one for Macintosh computers are Time Machine. The most common one for Windows is the built in backup in the control panel. Both of these methods are good and both of them also allow you to choose where you want to store your data, such as another hard drive, internal or external.

Backing up is essential, say you had a big presentation tomorrow and you lost all your files, how could you create a whole new one in only one night? This is where backups come in handy, if you did loose the presentation, you would be able to access it thanks to the backup. This all must be sounding pretty great, but how do you do it? Well below are links to websites that explain each in detail.



There are also other options, third party options. You do have to pay for most however. The Time Machine on the Apple computers is definitely amazing, however you may want something else. Some of these include. Acronis True Image, Paragon Backup and Recover Advanced and NovaBackup PC, just to name a few.

To conclude, backups are a personal thing, by this I mean that when you backup and how you backup is completely up to you and that all of the listed ways are great and give you the desired outcome. Also stay tune for our smartphone and tablet backup blog.

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