Faulty New Apple MacBook Keyboard

Users who have bought recent MacBook or MacBook Pro laptops have been experiencing issues with the new style of keyboard. The problem is with Apple's new 'Butterfly' model keyboards. To compensate for this, the company is now offering an extended warranty on these machines, you can find more information via iMore.

The warranty covers for one key, more than one key and even a whole keyboard replacement, this is of course depending of the severeness of the issue. The warranty covers eligible laptops for up to 4 years of coverage when bought from retail stores. This warranty is dramatically longer than any previous Apple device shipped or even when bought with Apple Care Plus.

According to the Apple Services page these issues are covered:

- Letters or characters repeat unexpectedly.

- Letters or characters do not appear.

- Key(s) feel sticky or do not respond consistently.

About a month ago Apple had to face a class action lawsuit. The reasoning behind it was that this was affecting day to day activities on a class level. These issues were very prominent in the 2015 - 2017 lineup of Apple laptops. The reason was also the fact that Apple was trying to avoid any warranty responsibilities (Very close to recent iPhone battery lawsuit). Not only were they attempting to avoid warranty responsibility but were also trying to encourage people to go out and repair their laptops using third party services. This event has unfortunately placed Apple in a bad light, but at least they are trying to solve the issue.

Complaints from customers has increased dramatically in the past weeks and months, with outrages saying that the laptops keyboard breaks when it encounters dust, and thanks to its fragile design can make it quite hard and expensive to repair. Although it may have taken longer than most users would have appreciated, it is good to see their recognition and efforts to solve the issue.

If you or anyone you know are having Apple MacBook keyboard issues we can assist you with the warranty process. Contact us now.

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