Why More People are Drifting Towards Windows.

In recent years Microsoft has been making forward strides in the technology world, whilst Apple have seemingly decided to take a few steps back. This has been cause for many people to switch to windows in recent years.

To begin with on Apples brand new Macbook model the only USB port is a USB - C port. This can be seen as a forward thinking approach as Apple do their best to make every new issue laptop they release even smaller, something a customer would surely appreciate. The issue that arises with this is there is only ONE PORT this means you can only connect one device at a time, and the fact that it's USB-C limits you even more, but in all fairness there is an option to increase the USB port capacity, but expect to fork out a simply ridiculous $70 for an external USB hub that wastes the existing USB slot and provides an extra 1 HDMI and 2 more USB ports, which is what you would find standard on a new model Windows device.

The recent updates on the Windows system has improved the functionality of the OS extremely. Apples newest OS, High Sierra has no significant downfalls and will continue to compete with Windows 10, but windows has always and continues to be the technology enthusiasts choice, as there is more capability for upgrading. Microsoft has also taken customer happiness to the next level, through the frequent rolling out of updates to the systems, therefore preventing more bugs and improving overall customer happiness. They have recently responded to customer needs, this is evident through the quick release of Windows 10, a vast improvement upon its predecessor Windows 8.

In conclusion, Windows have been gearing their products more in recent years towards the average customer, something Apple did well in earlier years but as evident in the release of the new Macbook their products are becoming less and less accessible but Microsoft are making their products more accessible to the average customer whilst still maintaining the upgradability of their machines for gamers and technology enthusiasts.


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