Apples New Screen Time Limiting Software

It is recent news that Apple is offering new tools to allow users to limit their screen time. The app is called 'Screen Time', this app will allow users to see statistics about their app usage and record however many times you pick up your phone. It also allows users to put a time limit on specific apps, which you can choose. You can also set reminders on YouTube to take a break.

This app is also good for parents, as it allows them to put restrictions around their child's phone usage. This includes, putting limits on children's app usage at any one time. It also allows parents to bar certain apps from their child's phone. Now I know that children think that this is unfair and controlling. This also allows for a toxic home life between kids and parents who don't like being monitored and controlled. However this is also great for parents as they now get to have some control over their teens.

This app will come in the next apple update, 'IOS 12'. This app will, along with a lot of others that will be added into his update. Apple have been keeping a lot of information about this update secret, so this is major. Addiction is something that a person overuses to the point where it becomes negative, towards other aspects to your life. I believe that this Screen Time app will have a positive effect on not only children, but on society as a whole. I believe this as people tend to have an addictive nature, but that also means that we find it hard to break these habits and need a little push.

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