Tablet or Laptop?

With the release of the new Apple iPad Pro, Apple have been consistently insisting that it is more a laptop than a tablet. Due to this today's topic is on tablets, the different tablets, uses and pros and cons. There are many different tablets, for example you have Android based and IOS based OS tablets.

As technology progresses, tablets are becoming more and more like laptops. Due to this the question has become 'do you buy a tablet or a laptop for work or school?' Both have pros and cons. Tablets are definitely easier to bring with you to class or to jobs. Whereas laptops are easier to navigate business wise and also have more programs that are well integrated. The leading tablet brands include, Apple, Samsung, Amazon and Asus. These tablets are the best in the market, with Apple however you definitely pay the premium, with Android based tablets tending to be cheaper. 

Pros and Cons of owning a table are:

Pro - more portable.

Con - can have less work effective apps.

Pro - quicker start up and in some cases app functionality. 

Con - not as powerful as many laptops.

Pro - tend to be cheaper than laptops. 

Con - have to buy physical keyboard extra.

Due to these Pros and Cons, an opinion can be made, however a stronger opinion could be formed in more detail. The uses for a tablet is a perfect way to explain in detail the importance of one. Tablets are now an important part of people's life and the use of them increases and widens. Some include, work business, leisure, cheaper laptop alternative and easier to pick up and use. 

Due to these uses a tablet is perfect for someone who doesn't really need to do software intense tasks and just needs to use basics, such as Microsoft word, PowerPoint and light Photoshop tasks. 

To finish, tablets are perfect for business executive looking for a lighter piece of technology or a student looking to easily access documents and open app with further ease. If you wish to choose us contact us here. If you also have any enquires regarding pricing, click here.

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