NBN Nightmare Haunting Optus Customers

The NBN has been promised for quiet sometime now, it has changed multiple times, due to political agendas, cost-effectiveness and the same old tired reasons. Whoever you are and from whatever political landscape you come from you know that the NBN has mostly been a fantasy. Which sort of became a dream, then slowly but surely has become a nightmare that we need to wake up from. Also, unfortunately for some that nightmare is getting worse and will more than likely affect more and more Aussies.

For you to understand; the NBN switchover plans are limited by the technology you’re connected to: basically, there is a mix of full fibre, fibre to the node, fibre to the curb and HFC (that’s the older Foxtel/Optus/Telstra Hybrid Fibre Cable) all part of the NBN technology mashup, remember that nightmare I was talking about, that if only we could wake up from? Oh and BTW, you don't get a choice once your home or office is NBN ready. NBN Co also give you an 18 month cut-off date for your existing service from the date of NBN ready. Unfortunately, if you're not NBN-ready well too bad, once the 18 months expires your current home broadband and phone service will be disconnected. Better start waking up from that nightmare now.

But wait this nightmare wants to keep on giving. The Sydney Mornning Herald (SMH) wrote an article  that Optus has been using strongarm tactics for customers currently connected to its HFC servicing areas in Melbourne, informing customers on HFC that they only have 30 days to switch and suggesting Optus NBN plans to switch to.

In this writer's opinion Optus are upset that their own infrastructure wasn’t used for the NBN rollout instead opting with Telstra. Going down this path will save Optus money and leave a sour taste of the NBN in customer’s mouths. Some will be scared of losing Internet services that they will be obliged to stick to Optus.

The NBN Co promised that customers would have a choice of provider, something Optus is going against in this case.

This issue with Optus may not impact you, but what does that say for other providers? If however you're on Optus cable services it would be very prudent to start thinking of what's next for your Internet service. You could be faced with the real prospect that you might be out of Internet service and any other service for a lengthy period. Start planning no matter what type of Internet service you have. Wake up from this nightmare to a world of fast, reliable Internet.

For now my advice is to start learning about the NBN if you already haven't, here is a link to get you started:


Check your address and learn about the NBN on NBN Co:


Have you been affected due to Optus’ strongarming, you might want to contact the Telecommunications Ombudsman, even if they can get you more time, it might help you:


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