Ransomware Hitting A Dropbox Near You

Heard of Ransomware? That nasty infection that locks all of your files using military grade encryption. Here is a link to Wikipedia's Ransomware page which gives you an in depth look into what it's all about. Frankly you don't want to be hit by it as it costs money (you have to pay the Ransom) and downtime especially if you're a business.

Recently this writer has been learning more about Ransomware, due to a number of users being hit by Ransomware through Dropbox. Slashgear wrote about Ransomware and Dropbox some years back, which you can read here.

They noted that Dropbox and other cloud providers have become a vehicle of transport for Ransomware. Fooling users into double clicking an innocuous file in their Dropbox folder, activating the Ransomware Malware. Users have had to pay upwards of $1,000 AUD to get their files back, at the same time having to trust that their files will be unlocked after paying the ransom. Scary stuff.

Can you afford a Ransomware hit? Don't get hit by Ransomware, contact Razor Tech to setup security measures for you and/or your business. ZDNet estimated that the cost ofRansomware last year hit $1 Billion, that's massive and whoever ransoms your data is earning some serious money. Don't let them ransom your data, prevention is the best medicine.


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