To NBN, Or Not To NBN

NBN, that is the question on people's lips at the moment. Most people are getting connected to it as soon as they receive the letter from their Internet Service Provider (ISP), others are unsure.

Some people are being pushed straight into an NBN connection at the threat of losing their current services.

NBN Co are advising users not to purchase low budget $30 connections due to slow speeds, so those of you wanting to save money on NBN., speed will be sacrificed. Many NBN users have already complained to the Telco Ombudsman due to slow Internet speeds. Other users are fighting an uphill battle against Telstra and NBN Co. - to keep existing Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) infrastrucutre and not downgrading them to inferior copper lines.

If you do decide to go down the NBN path, make sure you are armed with plenty of knowledge. This will give you the ability to make the right decisions relating to your NBN connection. We recommend further reading on Whirlpool . FYI - If you're hoping to BYO equipment, you might want to check before switching. Some NBN service providers might lock you into their own technology. Lastly, if you switch to NBN you might not be able to go back to ADSL,

If you don't decide to go for the NBN right away, then hold out as long as possible. Let the service providers, Government and NBN work out the kinks. Don't get trapped and have to go through the pain of having Internet issues. You have 18 months from when your area becomes "NBN Ready".

If you would like to speak about anything NBN related, please let us know.

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